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What You Will Get as a Platinum Member

  • Priority access to exclusive monthly discounts and promotions that will cover your initial investment + more;
  • Priority access to exclusive sales events;
  • Direct contact information to speak with a dedicated sales rep to speak with regarding all orders;
  • First access to hot new products;

Why Is a Platinum Membership In Your Best Interest?

Being a store with numerous different product categories, Envision Home Source wants to provide a way for customers to gain exclusive access to deals that non-members will not have access to.

Because we carry so many different categories, it is very likely that you will soon be in the market for another type of product that we carry. By becoming a platinum member, you will gain access to hundreds of dollars in savings. Currently, if you are in the market for a kitchen range, but you envision you may be looking for a fire table, generators, appliances, or any other of our hundreds of product categories, subscribe and make your initial investment + hundreds of dollars more back right away. 

As an online shopper you deserve to feel safe and secure when shopping. We strive to provide you with legitimate customer results. Hey we’re human too, we aren’t just like any other online retailer. We handle each customer with care, respect, and integrity.

We reached out to some of our platinum member customers who had placed an order with us and this is what they sent back.

We are more than just an online retailer, we are a community.

We understand that all you need is a simple transaction and your order at your front door. We a have a team of trained experts ready to assist you every step of the way.